Katherine is a Priestess of the Cycle of the Rhythms of Life.  Ordained as a priestess in the Order of Melchizedech in 1993, Katherine views her life as art, as ritual.  She feels most deeply that our passages through life are noteworthy events with which we express our unique selves and values. With heartfelt gratitude Katherine offers ceremony which brings meaning to our daily lives. Her joy is to help people create the wedding or life passage celebration of their dreams.

At home enjoying one of her favorite pastimes
At home enjoying one of her favorite pastimes

“While growing up in the view of the Catholic Church has shaped my spiritual life, from studying the mystics to the value of ritual, to being connected to angels and guides, the dogma has shifted and expanded to encompass a co-creation view of our journey through life.”

Katherine has a background in sociology, psychology, philosophy and world religions. She is a reiki practitioner, a meditator, a mother. Guiding women’s circles for over 30 years, officiating weddings for 25 years, counseling friends and family on their spiritual journeys, she brings her 70 years of life experience to all her ceremonies.  Drawing from a variety of traditions, encompassing Celtic, Christian, Sufi, Judaic, Native American (north and south) including those of your unique visions and beliefs, she is skilled in bringing depth and compassion and love to your most special and personal occasion.

Katherine is legally certified in the State of Virginia to perform weddings.  While most of her weddings are in southwestern Virginia, she has traveled to many other areas (as far as Utah and Rhode Island!) and can officiate weddings in most states.


A Tea Poet's Journey

Katherine’s love of tea and her penchant for writing inspired the creation of a book of poems all about tea.  Published in 2012, “A Tea Poet’s Journey,” was her 60th birthday present to herself!  Email  for book inquiries.

In 2019 she continued to grow her authorship and published The Seven Gateways to Kindness: A Primal and Benevolent Blessing.” This book chronicles her lifelong journey to remember “the part of me that forgets it is part of the whole.” Walking along with her through these seven gateways of Interconnectedness, Inclusion, Soul searching, Kind-sight, Forgiveness and ultimately Grace and Inheritance, readers will come to a deeper appreciation of these portals and the depth they offer. “The Seven Gateways to Kindness” is available for purchase on Amazon.

As I reviewed my newest collection of poems, I realized they were “my story of aging;” the recognition of a narrative of growing older.I did not intend a Poetic Memoir to be the result. Yet, here it is: a journey into my “eldering,” the beginning of my remaining days and thoughts about living and dying. Grateful for each day I yet live. Childhood has oft been referred to as the “Wonder Years.”I am not reliving my childhood, but my days are deeply wonder filled.

Also available on Amazon