If life is art, then ceremony is the living manifestation of that art. Throughout my life, I have celebrated rites of passage with ritual. Most traditions, religious or cultural, have depended upon and defined themselves with customs and ceremony that mark the life stages that people experience.

Gema & Rahim

Birth, coming of age, marriage, becoming a parent, blessing and welcoming new children, recognition of becoming an elder, and, of course, the end of life have all been celebrated for ages. These rituals are as varied as the peoples and cultures and belief systems from which they originate. Yet, they seem to be universal.

Today, our global world gives rise to the awareness of the myriad possibilities of meaningful and individualized creation of these rites of passage. As a result of having a son who lives in Spain, I have a good grasp of the Spanish language and can officiate ceremonies in Spanish as well as English.

I offer over 35 years of re-creating our lives as an artful expression of what we each hold dear—to name and experience these significant transforming passages in a way that deepens our lives.

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